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One size does not fit all, especially when making the decision on which PR and marketing agency to choose. With an abundance of agencies, both big and boutique available, catering for various markets, and specialising in a multitude of facets, from Social, to SEO, to PR, content and branding, deciding can be a headache.

Choice Overload

The choice overload can prove confusing and time consuming to determine which agency is right for you and your business goals. It can be overwhelming even just ensuring your aims align with your future PR and marketing agency, one of many important aspects to consider.

Working as brookscomm’s PR Director, Chaz shares his tips to help businesses make the right choice when picking a PR and marketing agency…

Listen & Learn

The first thing to look out for in a PR agency is whether they listen to you. Based on the questions they ask, or don’t ask, are clear indications of whether they will take a vested interest in helping you succeed. Does the Account Manager, and by extension the whole team, take a genuine interest in your business? They should be a real drive and willingness to go above and behind to meet key performance indicators and business targets. They should rival in learn all about you, your company, industry and competitions.

Future thinking

As a business owner, understanding where your company fits into a life cycle will help foresee upcoming challenges and make the best business decisions. Any PR agency that does not consider this aspect will just not be in a position to deliver an effective campaign for you, as they will be operating only on a short-term basis instead of working with you to reach your medium and long term goals.


Ensure that you know if your chosen PR agency will provide flexibility when it comes to finances. Times are hard and agility in business is a very real necessity. Business is unpredictable at the best of times, and a good PR & marketing agency should be able to move with you with forever changing business and customer demands.

Trust your gut

Never underestimate the importance of gut feeling. Many managers shy aware from gut feeling in preference to decisions based on logic, but really, you shouldn’t be afraid of making decisions based on your feelings. First impressions have their place in decision-making, if you trust and think you will work well with the PR and marketing agency, and you consider them an extension of your team, then you should go for it!

At brookscomm, we offer our clients an integrated PR and marketing service, such as writing press releases and media relations, combined with additional services such as social media management, paid search and SEO.

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One size does not fit all, especially when making the decision on which PR and marketing agency to choose. With an abundance of agencies, both big and boutique available, catering

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