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This has not been an easy week for me! People always talk about the importance of backing up, but I became intimately acquainted with the importance of this somewhat boring task when my laptop (purchased circa 2003) finally died. Yes, I had been backing up my data, but was about a month out of date – which didn’t seem like a long time, but I know now that it is! Luckily, I managed to get my laptop to boot up one final time, and so therefore managed to dump the entire contents of my hard drive onto an iPod, and then onto a new laptop, which is now basically an exact clone of my old one. So, it is a happy ending for me, but it did make me wonder how a business would cope with this same problem? What if a server suddenly failed? I know that CBC works with a fantastic company who specialises in this very area, so if you need any help or advice with backing up your important data, then just ask Chaz.

The most important thing is: be sure to protect yourselves now, and don’t wait for disaster to strike!


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