The Four Seasons of PR – Some tips to keep your campaign alive by using topical, seasonal issues.

Advice & Thought Leadership > The Four Seasons of PR – Some tips to keep your campaign alive by using topical, seasonal issues.

Is your product or service seasonal? What are the implications of work time/ holiday time/ Spring / Autumn / Valentine’s Day? Be creative….

In the summer – July and August – things are really quiet in the news. In the PR Business we call it the “silly season” – a time when anything can be featured on the news – from ducks quacking in the park to people helping pensioners across the road. This is a good time to do a quirky, unusual press release…

During the build up to Christmas, look out for opportunities to provide your products/ services to your target publications as reader offers. There are hundreds of ongoing competition opportunities throughout the year that you can pitch yourself for.

Don’t forget sale times and special offers.

Do think of topical angles that make your service interesting and newsworthy all around the year!

These are just some of our PR Tips. Ask for our free PR factsheets on our website.

The CBC Team

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