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Chaz Brooks is sleeping rough. They say times are tough at the moment, don’t they? On Saturday January 29th Chaz will be joining other hardy volunteers and sleeping rough OUTSIDE Guildford Cathedral. It will not be pleasant and will probably be raining or snowing. Chaz is doing this to raise funds and attention for the plight of homeless young people in Guildford and the event is organised by the YMCA, Surrey Chamber members.

Chaz is anticipating the night with some trepidation, but says. “I’m really looking forward to the sleepout at the Cathedral. It’s fantastic that the YMCA do this to raise awareness of the problem of youth homelessness in Guildford. I will be spending a winter night under the stars, but YMCA boss Pete Brayne has assured me that it won’t snow, that Girls Aloud will be bringing round hot cocoa, that Gordon Ramsay is doing the breakfast and that Bob Dylan will be coming to sing songs round the campfire.”

We think he is either lying or deluded.

Lots of people have kindly already donated to “keep Chaz on the streets” and you can do so at:

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